A family owned, West Virginia company since 1978.

Impression Products is a family owned West Virginia company that was started by Walter Smith in 1978.  Walter started out as a sales rep in the early to mid 70's, selling typewriter ribbons for a company called

Roytype, in Charleston West Virginia. 



Around 1977, Roytype went out of business and by that time Walter had built up a nice clientele and felt that he could perhaps make a go of it on his own, starting a business selling typewriter ribbons to businesses in the Charleston area.


In 1978, in a four hundred square foot apartment building, Walter became sales rep, order taker and delivery man all rolled up in one and Impression Products was born.   From there, typewriter ribbons turned into printer ribbons and as the years rolled by, technology continued to change the industry. 


The late 80's and early 90's brought laser printers and in the early 90's, Walter's son, Eric, "officially" joined Impression Products and a two person family business grew to three.


 In 1990 , Eric helped grow the business by offering brand name laser toner cartridges to go along with typewriter and printer ribbons.  Even though Impression Products had the best prices in town on all their brand name laser toners, Eric felt the manufacturers were over charging and decided to bring in some friends and have them trained on making re-manufactured cartridges to give their clients a choice and help the environment at the same time.

The core group of friends that Eric hired in the early nineties is still going strong in 2017 making a product that matches or exceeds the original that only twenty plus years of dedication and experience can produce!


In the mid nineties, Eric decided to bring in another group of guys to be trained to repair the printers (that the re-manufactured toners were being used in) as a free onsite service to all their clients!  


Fast forward to 2017 and you will find this same group of loyal and dedicated technicians fixing printers (that most would give up on) making up the now 25+ team of employees at Impression Products, Inc.  

As our business grows and technology continues to change, our commitment to our clients and employees holds steadfast - QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICE -  every order, every time....for 40 years and going strong!

Since 1978.






Our team of dedicated employees take great pride in the products they deliver  to our clients and they've been doing it for 20+ years! Every piece that goes out our doors is individually quality checked by the very hands that made it.  We stand by our products and guarantee that you will be satisfied.  

It's what we've done for 40 years and it works!


Impression Products, Inc. delivers high quality printer cartridges and printers to you and your business at fantastic savings!  

The company that fought and won the case that protects your ownership rights can fill all your company's printer needs, including remote toner inventory and on-site service! 

With Impression Products's on-site printer repair and same day delivery, your printer will never be down for more than an hour! 

Call today for a free consultation or schedule a tour of the industry leader's state of the art facility and  you'll see why

Impression Products says....

"When you're RIGHT, you FIGHT"