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Your business can benefit by taking advantage of guaranteed, high quality alternative printer cartridges. High quality and lower cost. What's not to love?

“Impression Products is a top notch and professional company. They have been servicing my employer every step of the way. When I call them with a need or technical issue related to printers, I don't have to worry because I know they will take care of things."

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Impression Products, Inc

High Quality Printer Cartridges, Printers, Remote Toner Inventory Monitoring and On-Site Service

We offer many products and services. Among these are affordable printer toner cartridges, printers and printer maintenance.



We are a West Virginia company that supports West Virginia families. We offer high quality products at economical prices.

  • Alternative Cartridges
  • Brand Name Printers At Lower Cost
  • Remote Monitoring of Toner Levels
  • Remote Monitoring of Printer Health
  • On-Site Printer Maintenance
  • Courtesy Empty Cartridge Pickup

what we do

Zach Hanshaw

Bowles Rice, LLP

OUR trained and highly qualified professionals bring decades of experience to the table

Every cartridge that travels from our shop to your doorstep must pass a rigorous series of quality checks and tests. Our trained professionals possess the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to provide you with a high quality product. Each cartridge is tagged with a technician's name from the time it was manufactured, so you can rest knowing that the pressure is on us!

We understand that Trust has to be earned. We pledge to put our heart and soul into every product and service we have to offer. We hope you will give us a try and know you will not regret it.